Company bulletin

Unify ideas, build consensus and strive to sprint the annual task goal

-- The company held the business work in the third quarter of 2023

On October 23, the company held the business work in the third quarter of 2023, comprehensively summarized the business development in the first three quarters, arranged and deployed the business work in the fourth quarter, and comprehensively sprint the annual task goal。

At the meeting, the strategic management department of the provincial company and the finance Department notified the operation of the first three quarters of the whole network;The Human Resources Department notified the implementation of the whole network labor cost;The office of the leading group for high-quality development and management rectification notified the receivables settlement of the whole network。In accordance with the 100-day sprint task goal, the business operating companies put forward specific working methods and measures around their respective responsibilities, and spare no effort to sprint the annual task goal to ensure the smooth realization of the annual goal in their respective sectors。The units with relatively backward operating performance in the third quarter will find out the reasons for the gap between various tasks and objectives, and put forward the countermeasures and measures to improve the work in the next stage。

The company's deputy secretary of the Party committee, vice chairman, general manager Hanpu made specific requirements for the key work in the fourth quarter。He pointed out that the whole network is to enhance the urgency and scientific nature of the task。The second is to coordinate their respective businesses and ensure the realization of task objectives as required。The third is to continue to increase the collection of accounts receivable work。The fourth is to do a good job of safety management to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the company's work。He hopes that all units will standard the annual work tasks, seize the time in accordance with the specific work requirements, coordinate the promotion, and work together to sprint the annual task goals。

Wang Liqiang, Party secretary and chairman of the company, asked the whole network to focus on the objective situation。We will intensify our 100-day sprint work。Second, focus on priorities。Pay attention to comprehensive policies, effectively achieve stable revenue, grasp receivables, and control costs。Third, focus on internal coordination。Strictly implement the work responsibilities of leaders at all levels, improve work efficiency, and ensure that all work effectively sees results。Fourth, focus on future strategies。We will do a good job in special projects, strengthen project reserves, and carefully plan for all work in 2024。He hoped that the cadres and employees of the whole network would unify their thinking, build consensus, actively respond and implement specific measures to ensure the smooth realization of the annual task goals。

At the meeting, Wang Ming, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, arranged and deployed the construction of the company's party style and clean government。

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Yanbing, deputy general manager of the company。Company leadership,Heads of departments of provincial companies,The provincial company directly manages subsidiaries, the person in charge of the Broadcasting and Television Huatong Company and the person in charge of the holding subsidiary under its jurisdiction,Branch (sub), directly under the company responsible person, Party organization secretary attended the site;Other members of the leadership team directly under the company and heads of relevant departments,The team members of the branch company and the heads of relevant departments participated in the meeting through the video conference system。

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